When you are about to create your own website to start marketing your business online, one of the most vital factor that you need to consider is the domain name for your website. Your domain name must be easy to remember, and pair it with a domain extension that is quite familiar by millions of people, and reflects your business properly.


The .com extension stands for Commercial and is intended to be used by businesses or eCommerce. It is the most popular domain name extension that is widely used all over the world. This particular extension is highly beneficial when you start to create backlinks to your website, as .com domain name extensions are more trusted with the audience compared to other unfamiliar extensions. However, you may have a hard time creating your unique domain name since a huge possibility is other websites are already using the domain name and extension that you want to use.


.org stands for Organization and is created originally for non-profits, forums, and resources websites, but can now be used for any organization or personal websites. The .org extension is perfect for a productive interaction between your business and with your community or site visitors.


The .net or Network is for the utilization of Internet Providers, Services, and Technology websites. Though .net is sure to have a lot of unused domain names for your website, remember not to choose this extension if your business is not related to anything technical or closely related to technology.


The .us is for the United States Country Code TLD. Only US residents and businesses in the US can actually register to get this domain name extension. The .us extension provides actual time analytics service for your social media channel or website, and it serves as an alternative to Google analytics.


The .co stands for Columbia Country Code TLD for the websites concerning companies and corporations. Though this domain name extension is originally created for the websites in Colombia, it has been accepted worldwide as an international domain. It is widely used for corporations and businesses like the clothing brands.